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Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Yirgacheffe vs. Sidamo Ethiopia is famous for their coffee and rightfully so. The African country is credited with discovering the coffee bean back in the 9th century and ever since the world’s population has been fixed on the caffeinated beverage. Although coffee is grown and produced in a number of countries in the Coffee Belt […]

Ethiopian Gourmet Coffee Ceremony

So to continue our global tour of coffee practices around the World, the next stop is Ethiopia, in fact, believed to the the home of coffee. The coffee ceremony is a centerpiece of Ethiopian culture. First the Gourmet Coffee is roasted over hot coals in a special container used a brazer fresh green beans are […]

Comical Coffee Glossary

Americano: espresso for light weights, aka watered down! Barista: makes coffee Fair Trade: coffee for money come on can’t get fairer than that! Latte: in Italy its milk Red Eye: a must after an overnight flight, brewed coffee with espresso Green Beans: a vegetable Crema: not the artificial stuff you add Clover: for luck actually […]

Attributes Of African Coffee Beans

Many coffee connoisseurs enjoy experimenting and trying different coffees and different coffee flavors. This desire is what often leads true coffee lovers to African coffee beans. The distinct dense coffee beans of Africa have a sweet, luscious taste with a renowned aftertaste and aroma typical of certain wine selections. Coffee plants thrive in tropical, humid environments and cannot survive […]