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The Legend of the Dancing Goats

Legend has it that coffee beans were originally discovered by monks who noticed that their goats became frisky and began to dance after eating a certain berry. Sound familiar? The Beginning The place is the Ethiopian highlands where coffee trees grow just as they do to this day. The time is 800 AD – the […]

Specialty Coffees

Coffee is a part of everyday life for many all over the world and is second only to tea as a beverage of choice. Man has been consuming coffee for the best part of recorded history and has experimented to create a variety of coffee specialty drinks to enhance the flavors of the brew. Coffee […]

Coffee Houses, Cafes & Online Coffee Stores

Coffee houses have become ever more popular in the last decade. The coffee shop is one of those much loved places that has its own inviting and heart warming appeal to so many of us. There are coffee houses practically on every street corner offering the pure and passionate taste of freshly ground coffee that […]