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Coffee Specialties

Coffee specialties can be considered “specialties” based on where they are grown, how they are grown, how they are roasted, and if they are bought and sold using fair trade practices. Gourmet specialty coffee beans are grown in numerous places around the world, including Hawaii, Cuba, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, […]

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

In the Hardwar Gap of the Blue Mountains, north of Kingston, Jamaica, a handful of local people grow what is considered the best specialty coffee in the world: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. These gourmet coffee beans are famous for a lack of bitterness and a mild flavor. Not only are Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans […]

Online Coffee Beans

When you are shopping online, coffee beans can present a particular challenge. At first glance, it seems pretty straight forward. Then you look closer. Suddenly all of these terms come flying at you. If you don’t understand coffee language, you may have some trouble navigating these different, but intriguing waters. If you don’t know your […]

Kona Coffee Online

The vast marketplace of the Internet gives us more choices than we have ever had before in finding exactly what we want. Unfortunately, it also gives dishonest people a pretty large sandbox to play in as well. We purchase clothing, electronics and even food online with millions of dollars being spent in the virtual marketplace […]

Coffees of Hawaii

The Hawaiian archipelago grows coffee, tea, nuts and fruit. The coffees that are produced have its own distinct taste which is mild, delicate and leaves a clean taste in the mouth. For centuries Hawaii has been producing coffee and the traditional methods are complemented with modern roasting and milling methods which allow the grower to […]

All About Kona Coffee Beans

Kona coffee is a gourmet coffee that is grown on the slopes of Mount Loa and Mount Hualalai found in the South and North Kona districts of Hawaii. Over the years this coffee has developed in to one of the most expensive and most sought after gourmet coffee of the world. Kona coffee is specific […]

Coffees of the World

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The coffee growing belt can be seen on either side of the equator across the world. It is these regions in South America, Africa and other countries that offer the ideal climate suited for the growth of coffee. With each region and changing climatic […]

Flavored Coffee Beans

Flavored coffee beans are simply natural coffee beans with additional flavor coated compounds to increase the taste. These flavors assist to increase the projected shelf life of coffee by covering the changes in flavor caused by decaffeination, aging processes or oxidation. Flavored coffee beans have been used for millennia in one form or another  but […]


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