Buying Coffee Beans Quick and Easy Guide

The popularity of gourmet coffee is something that continues to amaze me. If you consider yourself an avid coffee lover then you are not alone. There are millions around the world who share that same passion with you. As someone who loves his or her cup of piping hot or cold coffee; you must surely […]

Organic Decaf Coffee

A balanced soil, having no pesticides or additives makes for healthy organic farming which in turn maintains the farmland for posterity. Organic farming is chemical-free and avoids polluting our waterways and natural environment. The organic decaffeination process of coffee beans known as the Swiss Water Process is completely chemical-free. The first step in the water-decaffeination […]

Buying Gourmet Coffee Beans

Gourmet Coffee Beans are actually harvested seeds from the cherries of the coffee plant. They are superior quality Arabica coffee beans with favorable attributes such as coffee bean size, density, flavor essence and aroma. The basic composition of gourmet coffee beans is the protein-filled, water-dissolvable fiber that contains between 0.8% to 2.5% caffeine. Along with […]

Gourmet Coffee Company

The online gourmet coffee company, That’s Coffee, features premium quality specialty coffee beans from around the world. Its wide selection of fine gourmet and specialty coffee products makes it a force to reckon with in the online coffee industry. With the popularity of specialty coffee growing each year and with so many blends to choose […]

Kenya AA Beans

Buy Kenya Beans Online – Gourmet Kenya AA Kenya Coffee History Although a rather small country it is estimated that nearly one-fifth of Kenya’s 32 million people earn their living directly or indirectly through the Kenyan coffee industry. This is a staggering number when you consider that Kenya coffee beans, some of the most widely […]

Colombia Supremo Beans

Colombian Supremo Gourmet Coffee Beans Colombian Coffee History Although the first exports of Colombian gourmet coffee beans occurred during the early 1800’s it is believed that Colombia was first introduced to the coffee plant by European Jesuit priests perhaps as early as the 1600’s. Today, Colombia exports in excess of ten million bags of Colombian […]

Buy Coffee Beans Online

The internet has come as a boon to all avid coffee lovers around the world. No longer do they need to travel around stores searching for varieties of coffee beans. Instead they can buy coffee beans online these days, without having to move a muscle, all from the comforts of their home. Apart from the […]

Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

Coffee: The Beverage We Depend On Most Coffee is a beverage that has spread its reach throughout the world. What started as a ‘rejuvenating’ crop in Ethiopia, has since spread to all parts of the world and now millions of people dependent on its energizing effect to fuel their days. Gourmet Coffee is a brewed […]

Coffee Specialties

Coffee specialties can be considered “specialties” based on where they are grown, how they are grown, how they are roasted, and if they are bought and sold using fair trade practices. Gourmet specialty coffee beans are grown in numerous places around the world, including Hawaii, Cuba, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, […]


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