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Coffee lovers around the world now have a greater choice of places to get their favorite varieties of specialty and gourmet coffee beans. They can buy coffee beans direct from a local grocery store or supermarket. Another option available is the numerous coffee shops; cafes and boutiques are found in most cities and towns. Of course, the largest variety of gourmet or specialty coffee beans can only be found on the Internet. Not only can coffee lovers shop for their favorite coffee bean direct online, they can also learn about other varieties of gourmet and specialty coffee beans. From where you purchase your coffee beans from is a decision that is entirely your choice, but there are certain things that you need to look for when buying coffee online.

Buying Coffee Bean Direct from Local Stores or Coffee Boutiques

If you are buying coffee bean direct from a local grocery store, supermarket or coffee boutique then the first thing that you need to look at is how the order is packaged. It is always recommended that any coffee bean order is shipped in vacuum packed containers. This is because canned coffee can become stale during its shelf life. You should also look for a one-way air outlet in the packaging; it is a well known fact that freshly ground coffee beans emit some trace amounts of gas for a week or so after the roasting process.

Another thing to check for is the date on which the coffee beans were roasted. Coffee tastes best when consumed within 2-3 weeks of the roasting process. It is usually best to purchase whole bean coffee rather then pre-ground. Coffee that is pre-ground has a very short shelf life when compared to whole bean coffee.

Buying Coffee Bean Direct From Online Coffee Stores

The Internet has made the entire process of shopping for coffee beans much easier. You can visit any number of online coffee stores before you make your choice. One of the biggest advantages of buying online is that you can find great bargains. With the competition between so many online coffee stores you can always find someone who will be willing to sell you high quality gourmet or specialty coffee at an affordable price.

Whenever you buy coffee bean direct from online sources make sure that the coffee will be shipped to you from reasonably close location. The faster the shipping time the fresher the coffee bean. The freshness and flavor of freshly ground coffee is something that you cannot compromise on if you are a real coffee lover.

Another thing that you need to make sure is that your first coffee bean direct online purchase is in small quantities. This will allow you to confirm the quality and flavor of the coffee as well as to determine the professionalism and service of the online coffee vendor. If you order several different flavors this can also allow you to taste the particular varieties before you place larger orders.

All that you need to do to buy your favorite gourmet or specialty coffee bean is to do a bit of research online. Once you keep all these factors in mind, buying coffee bean direct becomes a breeze, whether it is over the Internet or at a local retailer.

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