Coffee Gift Card and Presents

Coffee Gift Cards For Every Occasion

Say it with coffee. Whether you’re standing in line at your favorite shop, grabbing a cup to catch-up with an old friend, or taking care of business at the office – coffee is there to bring people together. What better gift to give than a gourmet brew?

But with all the different types of beans and flavours, it may not always be easy to choose. That’s why our coffee gift cards are the perfect choice for any recipient or occasion!

Why A Coffee Gift Card?

Coffee gift cards are a great addition to a gift basket or ensemble gift. Coffee gift cards are also handy for smaller tokens of appreciation. Coffee can bridge the gap between all sorts of different people – and a coffee gift card is an excellent way to give them something they’re sure to love. Coffee is the world’s most popular drink after all, so who wouldn’t be thrilled about free coffee?

The best part about a coffee gift card is how easy it is to send it! Select from our variety of gift cards, specify the amount you’d like to gift, choose the date you’d like the card to be sent, and add it to your cart! From there your gift recipient can pick from our wide selection of international gourmet coffees and loose-leaf teas – there’s even sampler packs for them to choose from!

“Give the gift of exceptional coffee with our Coffee Gift Cards, the perfect present for any coffee lover. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, our gift cards are a thoughtful and convenient way to share the love of coffee. With a wide variety of premium beans, blends, and flavors to choose from, your friends and family can experience the ultimate coffee journey, tailored to their taste. So why wait? Spread the joy of coffee today and surprise your loved ones with our Coffee Gift Cards – it’s a gift that’s sure to be savored and appreciated.”

– Keiran Griffiths, President of That’s Coffee

Check out our gift card round up. We’re confident you’ll find something for every special person in your life, no matter the occasion!

Coffee Gift Cards For Every Occasion

For Teacher Appreciation

September is here and back-to-school is in full swing. It’s time to get ready for the many parent-teacher nights, extra-curricular sign-ups, and PTA meetings. Starting up your college semester? There are still professors to schmooze and teacher’s assistants to win over… so why not arrive prepared?

Whether you’re a parent, student, or a teacher yourself, September is never a bad time to spread some teacher appreciation. For all the hard work they do, teachers deserve a nice cup of coffee to start off their day. Give your teacher a heartfelt thank you for all they do every day, or tell them how they inspire you with the perfect gift.

Our Coffee Recommendation For Teachers

Maybe you’ve already been raving about your favorite brew, or maybe the teacher you have in mind is a coffee aficionado who knows what type of coffee is right for them. But in case they need a recommendation, here is our top pick for teachers.

Colombian Organic ‘Mesa de Los Santos’ Coffee Beans – Fair Trade

Our Colombian Organic is one of our best-selling medium roasts for good reason. Colombian coffee farmers are renowned for consistently producing what is arguably the world’s highest quality gourmet coffee. Medium roast, also referred to as the “American” roast, continental roast, or regular roast, is a widespread favorite. This palatable brew is the perfect pick for hardworking teachers to start the day off right or enjoy a little pick-me-up between classes.

For Congratulating The New Graduate

It’s back-to-school for some, and no-more-school for others. If you know someone who just celebrated their high school or college convocation in June, then September probably looks a lot different for them this year. It could be that they have just started a new job, or maybe they are contemplating post-secondary education options. Either way, this new stage of life will be full of excitement, challenge, and hard work… coffee can help with that.

For such an important milestone, you need a gift card that congratulates them on all they have achieved. Help them caffeinate this next stage in their lives – it might even mark the start of a new morning routine!

Our Coffee Recommendation For New Graduates

Fresh graduates have some frugal years ahead. Help break them out of their expensive Starbucks habit by recommending them a gourmet brew that’s even better!

Gourmet French Vanilla Flavored Coffee Beans

This best-seller is roasted with Arabica gourmet beans and flavored with French Vanilla for a cup of coffee that’s as tasty as it is decadent. There will be no need for coffee shops when they can make a world-class cup-of-joe right at home. Saving that extra $5 every morning doesn’t hurt either!

For Birthdays

Another lap around the sun calls for celebration! A coffee gift card is the perfect present for a casual acquaintance or office friend. For those with whom you’re thick as thieves, a coffee gift card is the perfect addition to a larger ensemble gift. The trend for gifting experiences over stuff has grown in popularity over the last few years. A digital coffee gift card is the perfect way to complete a more intangible gift with something they can use and love.

Shop coffee gift cards for the next birthday on your calendar. We have birthday cards for him, for her, or gender-neutral designs for anyone on your list!

Our Coffee Recommendation For Birthdays

Birthday gifts should feel like a treat. That’s why we’re recommending another flavored roast to spoil them!

Blueberry Cream Flavored Coffee

It’s another creative spin on the beloved Arabica bean! Our Blueberry and Cream coffee is one of our most popular flavored coffees. Quality Arabica beans are complimented by wild blueberries and creamy flavors for a silky texture that’s as smooth as your favorite dessert. It’s the perfect birthday gift to say, “spoil yourself!”

For Your Co-workers

Most weeks, you probably spend more time with your co-workers than your family. It’s in the trenches of tough projects, tight deadlines, and occasional victories that you form a strong bond – so why not show them a little appreciation?

A coffee gift card is the perfect way to show them how much you value their comradery and hard work. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or to celebrate your success on a recent assignment, a coffee gift card can go a long way to show them that you care. Fill up their morning coffee tumbler with one of our gourmet brews!

Our Coffee Recommendation For Co-Workers

If they need a little nudge in the right direction, we have just the recommendation to get their day started – with zeal!

Italia Espresso Coffee Beans

You can’t go wrong with our top selling espresso beans. Enjoy coffee in the Italian tradition with our gourmet espresso beans. The perfect gift for the coffee aficionado who likes a quick shot of energy in the morning or those who prefer the methodical preparation of a latte or cappuccino. Their kitchen will smell like an Italian coffee house every morning!

For Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t love the fall season? Between the changing leaves and seasonal activities, there’s the promise of Christmas just around the corner! But before we even get to the holidays, there’s Thanksgiving to look forward to. We may all salivate at the thought of an ample turkey dinner, but let’s not forget the purpose of this holiday – to give thanks.

Wish them a Happy Thanksgiving with a coffee gift card and fuel their productivity for the rest of the year. They’re going to need it with all the festive distractions coming up, so give them a gift that keeps them on track.

Our Coffee Recommendation For Thanksgiving

There are so many festive flavors to choose from, but we think Thanksgiving calls for a classic… and that’s pumpkin spice!

Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with everyone’s favorite seasonal coffee flavor? It’s everything you love from a coffee shop, brewed right at home! Enjoy picturesque strolls and cozy sweaters while sipping on this gourmet flavored coffee that boasts a slight nutty taste with tangy hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. You can’t go wrong with this crowd pleaser!

For The Holidays

There’s nothing like the holidays to bring out the spirit of giving. From the many holiday parties, get-togethers, work functions, and family dinners, there’s a lot of people to consider on your shopping list. Make your life a little easier by getting them the gift that they really want – one they buy for themselves!

If you’re looking for a small present, or something to add to a larger gift basket, look no further than our holiday coffee gift card. They’ll need some energy to get started on all those New Year’s resolutions soon enough!

Our Coffee Recommendation For The Holidays

We have many holiday-ready coffee options, but if they need help narrowing it down, we have just the classic flavor in mind.

Eggnog Flavored Coffee Beans

Nothing says “winter holiday” like eggnog! This beloved beverage only comes around once a year, and you know we’re ready to take advantage of it! Enjoy everything you love about our gourmet coffee beans, infused with the delicious flavors of milk, cream, sugar, and eggs along with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Wake up to the taste of the holidays – and for anyone who’s really keen you can enjoy this flavor all year long!

For Someone Who Goes The Extra Mile

Sometime “thank you” just isn’t enough. For those people in your life who go the extra mile to help you out or make someone feel special, it’s important to show our thanks… and what better way to do that than with a coffee gift card?

Tell them how much you appreciate everything that they do, or sometimes a simple thank you is all you need. Show them that you care with the gift of coffee – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Our Coffee Recommendation For Thank You Gifts

For someone who deserves to have their kindness celebrated, we would like to recommend a bean as kind as they are…

Peru Andes Organic Coffee

Take a flavor journey to the Peruvian Andes Mountains with our fair-trade favorite bean! Our Peru Andes Organic Coffee is grown on a small family-owned farm on the Northwestern side of the mountain rage. These beans are also 100% organic and low in acidity for a smooth sipping experience. The light to medium roast is a crowd-pleaser with a palatable nutty finish and sweet enough to enjoy on its own. A smooth gourmet coffee-blend that’s the perfect starting point for any aspiring coffee connoisseur.

For Your Valentine

Roses are red, violets are blue. Everyone loves coffee, your valentine will too! Now, we’re not saying to skip the roses and chocolates (those are ALWAYS a hit) but in case you wanted to beef your valentine’s gift up a notch, get your sweetheart a coffee gift card. Now they can think of you every morning when brewing their new favorite roast.

Find the perfect card, whether that’s sweet or simple, to tell your special someone that they matter to you!

Our Coffee Recommendation For Your Valentine

Who says coffee can’t be romantic? We have just the suggestion that will have them waking up every day feeling like love is in the air.

My Valentine Coffee Flavors Gift Set

If they can’t decide on one, maybe they should try a whole set! Our special Valentine’s coffee beans are a set of small batch flavors perfect for the season of love. This set includes decadent flavors like Dark Chocolate, Caramel Honey, and our very own Cupid’s Kiss. Hopeless romantics rejoice, you can start off every day like it’s Valentine’s Day!

For Mother’s Day

If anyone deserves to be spoiled, it’s mom. Nobody works harder, so of courses she needs some high-quality caffeine to power her through her day. Pick your best flowers and compliment your present with a coffee gift card. It’s the perfect little touch to show her you care and acknowledge all her hard work.

Pick from a variety of Mother’s Day card designs. From simple, botanical, sentimental, and classic – we have just the card to make your mom feel special.

Our Coffee Recommendation For Mother’s Day

It may not be as sweet as your mother’s apple pie, but we certainly tried our best with this delectable sampler set!

Sweet Tooth Blends Coffee Gift Samplers

Our sweet tooth blends are the perfect choice for anyone with a taste for the sweeter things in life. This gourmet gift basket offers a curated selection of 6 flavored coffees – each more decadent than the last! Enjoy Amaretto, Butterscotch Toffee, Cinnamon Viennese, Coconut Cream, Hazelnut, and French Vanilla in this sampler. Enjoy a different treat every day of the week with this sampler pack that’s sure to delight even the most traditional coffee drinkers.

For Father’s Day

We’ve celebrated Mom, now it’s time to show Dad a little love. While he’s been getting jealous of Mom’s new, fragrant coffees, you’ve been cooking up something just for him! Get Dad in on the gourmet coffee trend by getting him a coffee gift card for father’s day. Gift him the fuel to power his day so he can wake up at the crack of dawn, mow the lawn at 8:00am on a Sunday, and crack ‘punny’ jokes all his heart desires.

For rad Dads, handy Dads, and Mr. Suit & Tie, there’s a coffee gift card that will feel just right.

Our Coffee Recommendation For Father’s Day

For the Dad who likes to keep it simple we recommend a premium cup that can be enjoyed with all the fixings or straight black.

Sumatra Black Satin Roast Coffee Beans

With bold flavor and a rich finish, it’s no wonder this premium Indonesian coffee is one of our best sellers. From the West Sumatra region comes a dark roast coffee bursting with full-bodied texture. Whether he drinks it black or loaded with cream and sugar (we won’t tell) Dads everywhere are sure to love this hardy brew.

For Any Other Occasion

Is there anyone else you can think of that will benefit from a little gourmet coffee in their lives? If you just need a general card, we have our classic design that will suit whatever occasion you need. All of our gift cards are easy to buy and send, with customizable amounts ranging from $20 to $500. Give the gift of better coffee today!

Shop our gift cards and show the special people in your life just how much they mean to you!


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