The Ultimate Guide to Buying Premium Coffee

The history of this country was built upon a cup of premium coffee. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in America. It is the second most traded commodity in the world and a staple of our culture, economy, and morning routines. For centuries our society has visited coffee shops for stomach-wrenching blind dates, to sign […]

That’s Coffee Gourmet Coffee Holiday Gifts

holiday coffee gift sets

Gourmet Coffee Holiday Gifts Make a lasting impression on loved ones or surprise friends with a new and exciting coffee themed Christmas gift this holiday season. All of our gourmet coffee Christmas gifts feature our 100% Arabica coffee beans of the highest quality, freshly roasted in small batches just for the lucky recipient.   Christmas […]

Different Coffee Grinds

coffee grinds

The noun “grinds” refers to the different degrees of ground coffee; for example, there are fine, medium, and coarse “grinds.” When you purchase whole coffee beans you have the flexibility to grind them to the consistency that is required by your type of coffee maker. Course Grind Coffee The consistency is chunky and has distinct […]

Flavored Coffee Gift Set

flavored coffee gift sets

Not to disappoint our Roastmaster has combined the rich goodness of chocolate with toffee & caramel. Customers say this chocolate flavored coffee makes a smooth and relaxing coffee without being too overpowering in chocolate or caramel. We say we’ve reached the perfect balance! The Extra Special Blends gourmet coffee gift basket is the perfect way […]


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