Our Chicory Coffee Blend Brings Mardi Gras to Your Home

Nothing says New Orleans like Mardi Gras and a fine cup of Gourmet Chicory Coffee! With its rich history, New Orleans culture was greatly influence by the French culture and their love of good coffee. During the hard economic times of the Civil War, locals began adding chicory root to their limited supply of coffee. […]

Sugar Free and No Sugar Frappuccinos (Part 4 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)

For years we have heard of the dangers of aspartame derivatives and sugars, so most of us believe there is no hope to find a tasty and healthy alternative to those delicious little white crystals. But if you are struggling to bring your diabetes under control, and that Frappuccino is looking oh so tempting, here […]

Healthy Coffee Makes Healthy Frappuccinos (Part 3 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)

We are now onto the third installment of our Skinny Frappucino series this summer and I have a confession to make … I am a diehard coffee drinker. When I want a Frappuccino, I want a rich, robust flavour to blend with the decadent goodness of the other ingredient. I want refreshment with strong coffee […]

Low Fat and Non-Milk Frappuccino Options (Part 2 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)

The standard Mocha Frappuccino works out to having 306 calories per serving, with no frills added. We wanted to see if we could lower the calorie count, by targeting the milk in this drink. Low Fat Milk Based Frappuccino Options The great thing about making your own Frappuccino at home is that you can substitute […]

Make peace with your bikini this summer with the help of MontaVida Health Slimming Coffee

Please note: We no longer sell MontaVida coffee products. If you are interested in purchasing please search Google for “MontaVida Coffee” to find a current reseller. Can you believe that MontaVida’s slimming coffee will help you slim down and tone your body, just in time for bikini season? Dr Oz has featured MontaVida coffee slimming […]

Host a Coffee Tasting Party with these Cupping Tips

We’ve all heard about wine tasting parties but have you heard of the new trend spreading across North America like a wild fire? Cupping is to gourmet coffee aficionados as wine tasting is to wine lovers. In this post we’re going to take a detailed look at what “Cupping” is and how you can properly […]