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Introducing Exotic World Roasts

Introducing Exotic World Roasts Our Exotic World Roasts coffee gift basket is an extraordinary assortment of 5 of the world’s most magnificent gourmet coffee beans. Java Dutch Estate is a distinct Indonesian coffee which grows on the island of Java. These hard, dense beans are packed with full on flavor! Costa Rica Reserve is a […]

A Visit To Orange County Coffee Plantation

I was recently in Coorg in Southern India, at the Orange County resort, the resort is home to a coffee plantation with an extensive history. The coffee was planted by the British in the early part of last century then after they left the then manager brought it out and it is still a family […]

Influenced by Coffee Beans

If you enjoy drinking coffee then you will understand that your coffee needs to taste fantastic at all times. You will want to ensure that you buy the best coffee beans there are and that you know how to brew them correctly to give you a great cup of coffee every time. The coffee bean […]

Coffee Houses, Cafes & Online Coffee Stores

Coffee houses have become ever more popular in the last decade. The coffee shop is one of those much loved places that has its own inviting and heart warming appeal to so many of us. There are coffee houses practically on every street corner offering the pure and passionate taste of freshly ground coffee that […]

When Buying Whole Bean Coffee

For the serious coffee drinker, whole bean coffee is always the best option. Whole bean coffee stays fresh longer, and compared to pre-ground coffee, tastes much better when brewed immediately after grinding. This is true for regular as well as Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee. Whole Bean Verses Ground Coffee It is also more practical to purchase whole bean […]

Finding a Reliable Online Coffee Company

Certainly some online coffee companies are better then others. There are online coffee companies who purchase their coffee from wholesale roasters and others who do their own roasting. You can also find online coffee companies who get their coffee directly from small farmers while others get theirs from large suppliers. Some online coffee companies offer […]

Buy Coffee Bean Direct

Coffee lovers around the world now have a greater choice of places to get their favorite varieties of specialty and gourmet coffee beans. They can buy coffee beans direct from a local grocery store or supermarket. Another option available is the numerous coffee shops; cafes and boutiques are found in most cities and towns. Of […]

Gourmet Coffee Brands

The number of gourmet coffee lovers is increasing by the day. The sheer taste, flavor and aroma of gourmet coffee brands are sure to make anyone fall for them. What is that makes them so special? I have found it to be a combination of the blend, the bean, the roast and the final taste. […]

Buying Coffee Beans Quick and Easy Guide

The popularity of gourmet coffee is something that continues to amaze me. If you consider yourself an avid coffee lover then you are not alone. There are millions around the world who share that same passion with you. As someone who loves his or her cup of piping hot or cold coffee; you must surely […]

Gourmet Coffee Company

The online gourmet coffee company, That’s Coffee, features premium quality specialty coffee beans from around the world. Its wide selection of fine gourmet and specialty coffee products makes it a force to reckon with in the online coffee industry. With the popularity of specialty coffee growing each year and with so many blends to choose […]


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