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Common Questions

If you have questions about buying gourmet coffee beans online or how to get the best gourmet coffee at home or in your office, perhaps we can help! Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions about fresh roasted gourmet coffee beans.

Shipping Info

All US orders are shipped via FedEx Ground Delivery. If required, you can upgrade your FedEx shipping at an additional cost as marked in the shipping options page of the check-out process.

Gift Certificate FAQ

That’s Coffee gourmet coffee gift certificates are the perfect solution to buying for someone’s unknown coffee tastes. Gift Certificate credits can be stored in their account and redeemed at any time.

Ship to Others

Sending Gourmet Coffee gifts to friends and family has never been this easy. Our shipping services let you make a gourmet coffee purchase and have it shipped to a different address.

Guide to Buying Coffee Beans

Buying gourmet coffee beans online can seem overwhelming to even the most experienced coffee drinkers. So many great choices! Choosing only 100% Arabica beans is a great start although it may take a few purchases to find the best Gourmet Coffee for your taste preferences.

Coffee Preparation Tips

The great German composer Beethoven was rumored to count out precisely 60 coffee beans per cup when preparing his own coffee.

The majority of coffee aficionados are not that exacting however most are very deliberate in the type of coffee they buy and how that coffee is roasted, ground and brewed.

Storing Coffee Beans

There are a number of different methods for storing coffee at home; some better than others. But what is the best or proper way to store coffee? Does storing whole bean gourmet coffee differ from storing ground coffee? And how long can one store coffee prior to brewing?

Let’s explore some of the answers to these and other “coffee storing” questions.