Automatic Fresh Roasted Coffee


A PhD student at Waikato University in New Zealand is searching for a way to automate the roasting process in order to gain control of the rising cost of coffee beans the world market has faced in the past year. Cameron Kelly recognizes that the roasting process adds significant costs to the price of roasted coffee beans as it requires very skilled and precise roast masters with intuitive instincts. In order to automate the roasting process he will have to overcome the inconsistencies between each individual batch of coffee beans. Using the exact same method on a batch of beans this afternoon may have completely different effects next week, due to the size of bean, how long they have been dried and where the bean originates from. Will he be able to find a way to replace some of the best coffee roast masters in the world? I guess we will have to wait and see … 

Read the entire article and find out how Cameron plans to automate the process at Waikato Times.


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