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What Are The Different Types of Loose Leaf Tea?

What Are The Different Types of Loose Leaf Tea?

Loose leaf tea comes in a variety of different types and flavors. The most common are black, green and white tea. The leaves for these loose teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant. This plant is native to China, and is cultivated almost everywhere today. Each type of tea has its own unique taste, appearance and aroma. Loose leaf tea can be bought in a variety of different ways, such as by the ounce, pound or in bulk.

If you like loose leaf tea, then you know how important it is to know the different types of loose leaf tea. The right loose leaf tea can taste great, while the wrong one can make you sick. In this blog, we’ll go over each type of loose tea and some of the characteristics of each.

What is Loose Leaf Tea?

Loose leaf tea is tea that is produced without being compressed into tea bags. In other words, loose leaf tea is tea that is made in full leaf and sold as loose leaves. In general, loose leaf tea is always of a higher quality than tea bags.Diff


Black Tea

What is Black Tea?

Black tea is a popular variety of tea produced through a process of withering, rolling and fermenting. The leaves undergo a final firing to stop the fermentation and this is what gives it a distinctive dark color. The taste of black tea is bolder than that of green tea.

Black tea is a beverage that is obtained from the infusion of leaves of Camellia sinensis by steeping them in hot water. Black tea is produced in many countries, but it originated in China. The colour of the final product varies from a pale yellow to a dark brown (depending on production methods).

What is the History of Black Tea?

Throughout history, the leaves of Camellia sinensis have primarily been consumed as a beverage. The processing of the leaves into a beverage is likely to have taken place in primitive societies some time during the Neolithic Age (beginning in approximately 10,000 BC). For example, the inhabitants of Northern China and parts of North India appear to have consumed tea as far back as 9,000 years ago.

For more information on the history of Black Tea, visit this Wikipedia Article.

What are the benefits of Black Tea?

Black tea has many health benefits. Black tea may help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and could help prevent tooth decay and cavities. Black tea may also help protect against prostate and ovarian cancer, and could help fight off respiratory illnesses. Black tea contains fluorine, which may strengthen bones, help prevent tooth decay, and fight gum disease. Black tea is a good natural source of antioxidants, which protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Black tea has been found to lower cholesterol and triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood) in the blood. Because black tea contains fluoride, it may help prevent tooth decay and cavities. Black tea may lower blood pressure, possibly reducing the risk of stroke.

For more information on the health benefits of Black Tea, please visit WebMD.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Black Tea?

We would suggest buying black tea online. It’s cheaper online and most of the online sellers offer free shipping. If you are looking for organic black tea online, you can order it directly from our website!


Flavored Tea

What is Flavored Tea?

Flavored tea is any tea that is flavored after it has been processed in the usual manner. The most common way to make flavored tea is to blend the tea with herbs, spices, and essential oils. This can be done by mixing the finished tea with the flavoring agent either on a large industrial scale or in a home kitchen.

What is the History of Flavored Tea?

Tea in its original form has been consumed for thousands of years, but not like it is today. Traditional tea was made from the leaves and buds of the tea plant. It was initially consumed as a medicinal drink or for religious purposes. It wasn’t until the early 1800’s that tea consumption was widely spread throughout Europe. Some restaurants in Paris offered a blend of tea and coffee as a drink, which was referred to as café au lait.

Many years later people started adding in natural sweeteners to further enhance the flavoring.

What are the benefits of Flavored Tea?

If you buy from a reputable tea company, flavored teas are 100% all natural and as healthy as any other green tea. It’s a shame that food companies have exploited the term “natural” because if you haven’t tried flavored teas, then you really are missing out on something amazing! A cup of brewed flavored tea tastes great, looks beautiful and will leave your taste buds craving for more once finished.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Flavored Tea?

When buying flavored tea, we suggest looking online. Most loose leaf teas are cheaper online as well as in specialty stores, and shipping is almost always free. If you’re wondering where to buy flavored tea online , you can order directly from our site!


Green Tea

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is made from the young leaves of Camellia sinensis plant and has a slightly bitter, astringent taste. The leaves are dried immediately after harvest, and then steamed or pan-fired. The dried leaves can be used to produce different varieties of tea. The young leaves are used for green tea, and the mature leaves are used for black tea. Green tea can be used for the production of white tea, yellow tea, oolong, and pu-erh tea. White tea is made from immature leaves and buds of the plant, and it is the least processed tea. Yellow tea is made from mature leaves and buds of the plant, and it has a milder flavor than green tea. You can learn more about green tea health benefits here .

What is the History of Green Tea?

The history of green tea begins with legends from the Chinese that it was from the tea plant that the tree spirit lived. This is why green tea was reserved for the emperor and why drinking green tea was considered a sacred act. Green tea was first used for medicinal purposes. The ancient Chinese believed that green tea had the power to cure many ailments like headaches, fevers and stomach problems. We know today that green tea can help prevent certain types of cancer, reduce cholesterol and promote heart health.

What are the benefits of Green Tea?

Green Tea has been used for over five thousand years, and we have had many years to observe and benefit from its many health benefits. Green Tea is not only a beneficial beverage, but you can also apply the oil to your skin which is a great anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product that protects from the sun. Green Tea contains antioxidants which help protect your body from viruses and bacteria. Green Tea also protects your teeth from cavities since it can kill harmful bacteria. Green Tea has been proven to help reduce and prevent strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. Green Tea also contains a significant amount of caffeine and can trigger the brain to release dopamine, which is good for the brain and is thought to increase happiness.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Green Tea?

Buying green tea online is the best way to do it. There are so many choices available, and the shipping rates are a lot better when bought online. If you’re wondering where to buy green tea online, you can order right here on our site!


Herbal Tea

What is Herbal Tea?

Herbal tea is tea made from herbs instead of the traditional tea leaves. Herbal teas have their origins in ancient China, India, and Europe. Herbal teas have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, as well as for relaxation and enjoyment. A common misconception about herbal tea is that it is less processed and therefore more natural than other teas. In fact, many herbal teas go through more processing and preparation steps than traditional teas. The term “herbal tea” is a misnomer, as all teas are made from the leaves of a plant. The term “tisanes” is more accurate.

What is the History of Herbal Tea?

The history of herbal teas goes way back to the 5th century, when tea was first introduced to China. The Chinese didn’t drink tea for its taste, but for its purported health benefits. The Chinese valued tea for its relaxing and stress-relieving properties. In fact, the famous legend of tea’s discovery is that it was steeped as a health tonic for the Chinese emperor, Shen-Nung. This tea was made from Camellia Sinensis, an evergreen plant similar to the tea plant. The tea plant was native to China and India, but spread to the rest of the world via the Silk Road.

What are the benefits of Herbal Tea?

Most of us have grown up drinking herbal tea on and off, but most of us have probably never heard of all the benefits herbal tea can offer us. This is a list of some of the health benefits of herbal tea. Herbal tea helps weight loss by acting as a fat burner and increasing your metabolism. Herbal tea can help to lower cholesterol and triglycerides making your heart healthier. Medically, herbal tea is used to treat colds and flu, asthma and bronchitis, indigestion and other digestive problems, and can even increase your energy levels. A great way to get the most benefit out of your herbal tea is to drink it slowly and on a semi-empty stomach. This allows it to assimilate better into your system and you get more out of it.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Herbal Tea?

It can be quite difficult knowing where to start when buying herbal tea online, but that’s why we’re here for you! There are so many choices available that it may be a little bit of a challenge when you first start. In fact, shipping rates get lower the more you order which is something to consider if you plan on ordering long term. We are committed to giving our customers the best overall experience possible, so we only feature products we believe in and share easy payments options like PayPal. You can check out all of the herbal tea options here!



White Tea

What is White Tea?

White tea is an exceptional type of tea that has been minimally processed. White tea is made from young tea leaves, which are picked by hand. The leaves are left in a withering chamber to wither and dry slightly, then they are rolled and dried. Young tea leaves are more delicate than older leaves, so good white teas can be hard to find. Some White teas go through an extra step before they are dried. The tea leaves are laid out on bamboo mats and allowed to wither. The leaves are then pressed and rolled, causing the leaves to yield their juice. The pressed juice is then steamed and dried. This results in a sweeter, more delicate tasting tea.

What is the History of White Tea?

Since there are no written records about when and where white teas were first produced, many believe that it originated from the Song Dynasty in China. As early as 960 – 1280 AD, white tea was already being produced and crafted in imperial gardens. But some people have disputed this theory saying that they appear to be more closely linked to Chinese culture than anything else, since their earliest archaeological evidence dates back as far as the Tang dynasty (618 – 907 AD).

What are the benefits of White Tea?

White tea is the least processed of all teas. It is produced from the new leaves and buds of camellia sinensis plant and is grown in the same way as green tea, with one major difference: white tea is not fermented. This is because the leaves and buds are not bruised or wilted. It is thought that white tea is a healthier alternative to green tea as it has less caffeine in it, and more catechins. Catechins are extremely powerful antioxidants that are known to help fight free radicals in the body. They are regarded as one of the best defenses against heart disease, cancer, and other age related diseases that the human body is prone to. White tea is also a great source of Vitamin C and has no fat or cholesterol at all. To get the most benefit out of your herbal tea is to drink it slowly and on a semi-empty stomach. This allows it to assimilate better into your system and you get more out of it.

Where is the Best Place to Buy White Tea?

When you are looking to purchase your white teas in bulk we recommend purchasing your white tea online. We want every purchase to be 10/10, so with that said we take every order and make it just for you. There are so many selections when it comes to our offerings of tea for sale, which may seem daunting at first. 


We hope you enjoyed our blog about the different types of loose leaf tea. Now that you have a better idea of the different types of tea, we hope that you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your taste buds! If you have any questions or concerns about the tea we suggest, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at That’s Coffee. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!


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