Guatemala Coffee Beans – Shade Grown

Coffee beans have been grown on Guatemalan coffee plantations for centuries. The art of cultivating high quality coffee beans has been perfected as Guatemala is one of the highest regarded coffee producers in the world.

Premium Guatemala coffee beans are typically grown in high altitude regions which produces a strictly hard beans, full of  developed, rich flavors from the volcanic soils.

Internationally Renowned Antigua Coffee Beans

Guatemala’s Antigua coffee beans are grown between three volcanoes in the central highlands of the country. Antigua’s economy is driven by its tourism and its coffee product.

Antigua has perfect climate conditions for growing and cultivating top grade coffee beans and its distinct wet and dry seasons encourages uniform maturation.

Guatemalan Antigua coffee beans are grown at high altitudes, between 4,600 and 5,600 feet. This makes the beans very dense and hard, holding in a full and velvety body and rich and lively aromas. When brewed, the coffee beans have a very fine acidity.

Shade Grown Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Most coffees plants like shady areas. Traditionally, all coffee was shade grown. Over the years, new hybrids of coffee plants have been developed in order to produce considerably more beans. These plants are also easier to harvest and have optimal production in direct sunlight.

Guatemala still encourages shade-grown coffee bean practices which guarantees deep, intense flavors and textures to the coffee bean. Shade grown practices are also eco-friendly in that generally no chemicals or pesticides are used. Over 150 species of wild birds are known to live within shade grown coffee bean farms and the high shade trees that share the soil with coffee plants help to filter carbon dioxide.

As the coffee plant slowly matures in the shade, the natural sugars within the coffee cherry and bean increase to enhance the overall flavor of the final product.

When Buying Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Guatemalan coffee beans are graded according to the altitude level at which they are grown. Generally speaking, premium high altitude beans, or strictly hard beans, are graded higher while lower altitude coffees beans have a lower grading.

Like other coffee producing nations, the political landscape affects many small coffee farms. Guatemala has been known for some state-sponsored violence within the coffee industry and there are large coffee plantations that sell mass produced coffee beans at low prices. These beans may be compromised in flavor, but more importantly, hinder the small coffee farms and coffee workers.

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