Tips for Using Old Gourmet Coffee Grounds

by Rebecca on July 28, 2010

Ever wondered what you can do with left over gouremt coffee or coffee grounds? Well here are some great tips:

  • Rub Coffee beans in your hands after cooking with garlic and fish – the natural coffee oils will absorb the odors from the cooking
  • Pour a little boiling water and gourmet coffee grounds down the drain to remove bad odor.
  • Gourmet coffee grounds make a great abrasive cleaning agent, but don’t use on surfaces that could stain
  • Mix coffee grounds with soil and put around plants, it is said to keep away slugs and ants while also adding nutrients

  • Suck a coffee bean for a quick way to freshen your breath when your out of gum
  • Gourmet coffee grounds also make a great natural exfoliant for skin
  • Coffee grounds mixed with water is a great way to dye paper for a antique paper


  • Coffee also makes a great meat tenderizer and adds a rich flavor to the meat

How do you use your Gourmet Coffee grounds?

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