Healthy MontaVida Coffee Review

Please note: We no longer sell MontaVida coffee products. If you are interested in purchasing please search Google for “MontaVida Coffee” to find a current reseller.

After adding a new collection of healthy coffee called “MontaVida” to our online coffee store a couple weeks ago our staff have been a buzz with how great this new coffee tastes.

Here is a review for MontaVida coffee from Cathy in our office!

“Recently I was introduced to an incredible tasting, apparently good for me coffee called MontaVida. I usually don’t drink coffee after lunch because I get the jitters and can’t sleep at night, but I was assured this coffee was an exception. Much to my surprise  MontaVida coffee gave me a stronger burst of energy than coffee usually does but it also had a soothing effect.

I thought to myself, Coffee that doesn’t give you the jitters, doesn’t keep you awake all night, but gives you energy? I must be in heaven! It was too good to pass on a second cup! 

The MontaVida coffee taste is very smooth with an ever so slightly sweet flavor. The first pot of MontaVida I made myself I put a little more than just a tablespoon per 2 cups as this is a milder blend of coffee to start. One of my friends gave me the tip to grind the pre-ground coffee just a little more to release extra flavor. What a difference that made! 

I personally believe that this healthy MontaVida coffee rivals any gourmet coffee shop and even That’s Coffee’s gourmet coffee blends!” 

Read more about this Healthy Coffee on our main website page! Supplemented with Ramon Seeds and MCT Oil, this Central American coffee blend is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. It’s a great way to get more out of your daily cup of joe!


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