Healthy Coffee Makes Healthy Frappuccinos (Part 3 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)


We are now onto the third installment of our Skinny Frappucino series this summer and I have a confession to make …

I am a diehard coffee drinker.

When I want a Frappuccino, I want a rich, robust flavour to blend with the decadent goodness of the other ingredient. I want refreshment with strong coffee and not a drink I consume simply because it’s cold.

In an ideal world I would also have a Frappuccino that helps boost my metabolism, give me extra energy and may I even dare say help me maintain a healthy weight?

In this post I’ll talk about a few coffee options for DIY Healthy Frappiccinos that don’t compromise on flavor, taste or coffee!

Option 1: Use a Healthy Coffee Like MontaVida

When you are trying to put together a Skinny Frappuccino to rival those decadent coffeehouse concoctions, you need excellent coffee. While regular coffee doesn’t really have all that many calories, it has nothing in the blend that promotes weight loss or provides other health benefits.

Enter MontaVida coffee which is packed with health benefits! This coffee blend actually promote weight loss and good health, yet rivals any gourmet blend for flavour. I have written a lot about MontaVida, including its Ingredients and Health Benefits, so I will just invite you to order a bag or two for yourself and try how it tastes in your next Frappuccino! You can even double the coffee to give your frappuccino that extra edge or re-grind your coffee portion to make it a closer consistency to espresso. The finer grind gives you a stronger flavor brew.

By using MontaVida, which promotes weight loss through its blend of MCT oil and Ramon seeds, your body actually absorbs the nutrients, but rejects the “poisons” that cause many weight gain symptoms such as bloating, water retention, starvation gaining and so on.

Please note: We no longer sell MontaVida coffee products. If you are interested in purchasing please search Google for “MontaVida Coffee” to find a current reseller.

Option 2: Make Coffee Ice Cubes

One of the problems with iced coffee is that the ice cubes dilute the robust flavour of your frappe – rather than the two step method of making ice cubes and making coffee – make a pot of extra strong coffee and pour it into ice cube trays and freeze.

Option 3: Make the Frappuccino with a Shot of Espresso

A frappuccino with espresso can be so much more flavorful and decadent than one made with regular coffee. In fact, most local coffee shops use a fresh shot of espresso rather than their regular coffee brew. You can simply adjust your frappuccino recipe by using espresso rather than coffee too!

In our next Skinny Frappuccino post we’ll finish up this series by talking about low sugar and sugar free frappuccino options you can try out at home! 

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