Low Fat and Non-Milk Frappuccino Options (Part 2 of The Skinny Frappuccino Series)

The standard Mocha Frappuccino works out to having 306 calories per serving, with no frills added. We wanted to see if we could lower the calorie count, by targeting the milk in this drink.

Low Fat Milk Based Frappuccino Options

The great thing about making your own Frappuccino at home is that you can substitute the milk product! Remember that 1 cup of Whole Milk contains 146 calories, 2% has 122 calories, 1% has 108, and Non-fat has 86 calories, but the charm and flavour of milk is in the fat content.

Here is a list of alternative milk products you can opt for that maintain the flavour, but leave off the calories:

1) Almond Milk Frappuccino

(40-60 calories; 1 g protein)

Try making a homemade almond milk coffee Frappuccino by substituting your almond milk of preference (such as Silk or Almond Breeze) available at your local supermarket.  Keep in mind that an almond milk frappuccino recipe isn’t for those with nut allergies! Using Chocolate Almond milk is an even better tally – 118 calories total reduction! Just be careful you are not allergic to nuts. Using any of the suggested alternatives reduces your calorie intake, even the non-fat milk is not that much more.

2) Soy Milk Frappuccino

(90 calories; 6 g protein)

Why not try making your frappuccino with soy milk time? With lots of protein soy milk is easy to find in stores and tastes very similar to cow’s milk. A soy milk Frappuccino recipe is just what you need for great heart health and lower cholesterol.

3) Coconut Milk Frappuccino

(50 calories; 1 g protein)

Play up any coconut milk Frappuccino recipe by using pre-flavored coconut milk such as chocolate or vanilla! Check your own carton of So Delicious or Silk for grams of sugar. Coconut milk has a very mild flavour, and with the chocolate flavour they provide the amount of Hershey’s syrup needed can be cut in half. The same holds true for So Delicious or Silk you can cut the syrup in half – that takes 108 calories from the frappe recipe!

4) Rice Milk Frappuccino

(70 calories; 1 g protein)

Rice milk is a great hypoallergenic ingredient to use if you have allergies. Try using pre-sweetened Rice Dream but beware of pre-sweetened rice milks that can up to 26 g of carbohydrates and can spike your blood sugar index.

5) Hemp Milk Frappuccino

(70 calories; 2 g protein)

Hemp milk, such as the brand “Tempt” can be found in health food stores. This milk alternative has a funky earthy flavour but is high in omega-3 and has a complete protein containing all 10 essential amino acids.

In our next Skinny Frappuccino installment we’ll talk about turning frappuccino into a weight loss drink by changing up your coffee ingredient. 


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