The Skinny on the Best Skinny Frappuccino

Summer is fast descending on us. Time to dust off the exercise clothes and pull out the diet recipes… but, with the heat comes the call from behind the coffee shop counter for just one intoxicatingly delicious Frappuccino. Le’ts be honest, who can settle for just one?

The flavors are so decadently tempting, and the coolness down your throat is so very invigorating.  How can anyone say no?

And with that we are started a new series here on our blog all about Skinny Light Frappuccinos. As you squeeze fit into those shorts, tanks and bathing suits from last year  we will show you how to make a skinny frappuccino and how you can order a skinny frappuccino. Make these DIY recipes at home or ask your favorite barista to modify their recipe.

In this first post we’ll focus on the beloved original recipe with all the fixings! If you are feeling a little sinful try making this for yourself at home!

Copycat Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Recipe

(original recipe courtesy of

¾ cup double strength coffee (2 calories)
I would suggest using only the best. I mean if you are going decadent, why not go all the way with
the best coffee available?

3 tablespoons granulated sugar (110 calories)
Sugar is not good for diabetics or dieters – you can always look at the alternatives.

1 cup milk – Whole (146 calories) 2% (122 calories), 1% (108 calories) Non-fat (86 calories)
A good source of calcium but maybe not so much for your hips. 

2 cups ice

2 Tbsp. Chocolate Syrup (100 calories) –
You can try the low cal. alternative or check out the Diabetic section.

Whipped Cream Topping, approximately 1 tbsp. (8 calories)
Again, there are alternatives with less fat, less calories and with the proper beater or the cream aerator that forces air into the liquid, you can almost make water stand in peaks.

That is 306 calories for a simple Frappe – what about those gooey toppings, they have to be more. That is not so good when you want to drop 10 pounds. The good news is there are skinny alternatives to each ingredient, providing you with a Skinny Frappuccino!

What is a Skinny Frappuccino?

The skinny frappuccino is a light version of the original with less sugar or fat, or both. With plenty of health-focused alternatives on the market there are plenty of ways to reduce the calories in this slushy, cold coffee drink plus plenty of flavor modifications like mocha, mint, vanilla and even berry to keep you going all summer long. 

In our next articles we’ll look at the alternative ingredients that allow you to have your Frappe and lose weight too. Make sure not to miss it – sign up for our Coffee Talk Newsletter


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