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You’ve heard the buzz about this amazing tasting MontaVida coffee blend, but I’m sure you are wondering just what is in this coffee that makes it the success it is. Let’s take a closer look at the MontaVida Coffee ingredients.

Costa Rican Coffee Beans

The Coffee Review describes Costa Rican blends as:

Balanced, resonant, big-bodied and grandly acidy, the finest Costa Rica coffees are classic in the sophisticated sense of that abused term. They give us the pleasures of clarity and clean definition rather than ambiguity, surprise or mystery.

Costa Rican coffee beans are grown at elevations of over 3,900 ft., which slows the coffee tree growth. This causes slower maturing rates and dense cherries with beans packed with rich flavour.

Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans

Columbian coffee is considered by many in the coffee industry as the best coffee in the world. Now a designated world heritage site, the coffee plantations have been in recorded growing history since 1730. Cultivated from the Arabic bean out of Africa, these highly renowned beans require specific soil, precipitation and altitude to develop into the bean they are today. They are grown at elevations from 4,000 to 6000 ft. in highly volcanic soils. The soil endows the beans with a high content of organic materials such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals and lends to its rich bold taste and low acidity level.


MCT Oil is a combination of palm kernel oil and coconut oil which is used by the medical community to treat food absorption disorders, celiac disease, liver disease and many other syndromes. Athletes have found success in using these oils during training to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass.

How does MCT Oil work? Researchers have found that the Medium Chain Triglycerides produced from the palm and coconut oil. Because it is absorbed directly into the liver like a carbohydrate it provides instant energy. It differs in that the energy is sustained for hours.

Ramon Seeds

Ramon seeds are from the fruit of the Brosimum Alicastrum, a fig tree that grows in Central America. These nutrient-rich seeds were a traditional food source of the Mayan culture who ground them down into a zero-fat; zero-allergen flour for baking, and roasted then steeped them as a hot drink similar in taste to coffee.

Scientists have found that these seeds have twice the amount of calcium and 3-4 times the potassium as corn, oats and quinoa. One of the greatest benefits that these seeds have is its Tryptophan content. Tryptophan is an amino acid that increases the serotonin production in the brain (known to reduce stress and increase relaxation). Ramon seeds contain 3 times the level as what is found in turkey.

How MontaVida Brings these Ingredients Together

To make the gourmet blend of MontaVida coffee the coffee beans are first delicately roasted until just breaking. Next the freshly roasted coffee beans are infused and marinated with MCT oil. Once infused, the toasted Ramon Seeds are added and the blend continues roasting until done. 

Once the cycle is complete, the blend is ground and then immediately vacuum-sealed in their foil packages. For the instant coffee lover, there is the K-cup single portions that come as a 30 pack, and for the traditionalist, ground coffee is supplied in 12 ounce bags. 

The MontaVida blend and roasting process has exacting standards that create a mellow yet robust flavour meant to be savored with each cup. These remarkable weight-loss coffee ingredients create a diet like no other. It is enjoyable from the first sip to the last!


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