3 Reasons to Drink MontaVida Coffee for Health and Weight Loss

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There are plenty of weight loss coffees and diet coffee on the market but does natural weight loss coffee taste as good as MontaVida coffee? I challenge you to try to the MontaVida Diet to discover the true value and health benefits of this delightfully mellow and flavourful coffee blend.

The MontaVida difference is in the exacting blend of MCT oil, Ramon seeds and absolutely fresh Costa Rican and Colombian coffee beans. During roasting, as the coffee beans are just bursting open, they are marinated in the MCT oil and then the Ramon seeds are added to the blend. The roasting continues to exacting standards. Once roasted to perfection, the blend is ground so that the beans and ramon seeds are the same consistency and then immediately vacuum sealed in either 12 ounce bags or the popular single brew “K-Cup” packages.

Still need some more convincing? Here are three solid reasons to give MontaVida coffee a try.

1. MontaVida Coffee’s remarkable blend of ingredients are GOOD FOR YOU.

MontaVida coffee’s two health ingredients, MCT Oil and Ramon Seeds, get strong reviews on WebMD:

MCT (medium chain triglyceride) Oil, made from a combination of coconut and palm kerns is used around the world as a dietary supplement for eating disorders, cognitive revitalization, and muscle rebuilding by the medical community.

  • Used to help with diseases such as celiac, liver, gallbladder, and cystic fibroses.
  • Many top athletes have found success with decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass

Ramon seeds, taken from the fruit of the Mayan Corn Tree, are a well-known staple in the Central and South American diet. The seeds have been used as a coffee alternative during lean times as they have a very mild coffee with just a hint of chocolate flavour. Because they have none of the allergens that are associated with corn, nuts and wheat, these seeds are often ground to make an excellent flour base for cooking.

With 2 times the calcium and 3-4 times the potassium as corn, it is hard to find a comparable natural source of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants. Plus, with almost 3 times the amount of tryptophan (the amino acid that calms stress and anxiety) as your Christmas turkey, this delicious ingredient infuses the MontaVida Coffee drinker with a sense of calm relaxation.

2)    This Natural weight loss coffee TASTES GOOD!

MontaVida coffee rivals any mild blend gourmet coffee on the market. Vacuum sealed immediately after roasting, the Costa Rican beans blended with the mildly coffee flavored Ramon Seeds and the tasteless MCT Oil combine to create the most enjoyable cup of coffee.

3)    MontaVida Coffee provides a diet health plan that is actually ENJOYABLE

Throw away the diet supplements, stop going without meals, or scrimping on your portions. Drink MontaVida Coffee as much as you want, whenever you want – with more tryptophan than a turkey dinner, you know you won’t be staying awake all night yet you’ll get the energy that coffee provides. You get your energizing cup of coffee all the while losing weight and increasing lean muscle mass.

So, here we have a gourmet blend of flavors brought to you with exacting freshness and incredible health and weight loss benefits.

What is that worth to you? What do you pay for vitamins and food supplement and awful tasting diet drinks? Would you believe the cost of MontaVida coffee works out to only about 52 cents per cup? Wait until you taste it – you’ll agree this natural weight loss coffee is priceless.

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