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Please note: We no longer sell MontaVida coffee products. If you are interested in purchasing please Search Google for “MontaVida Coffee” to find a current reseller.

We are excited to announce that That’s Coffee now sells MontaVida Coffee!

This healthy coffee is a great alternative to diet supplements and horrid tastings diet drinks. Our lineup of MontaVida coffee products are a great way to enjoy your favorite drink throughout the day while benefiting from vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fibers, metabolism boosting healthy fats and more.

With MontaVida’s secret blend of MCT oil, Ramon seeds and freshly roasted Central American coffee beans, you can enjoy gourmet coffee flavour with the bonus of natural weight loss and increased muscle mass.

Gourmet Costa Rican and Colombian coffee beans are blended to perfection to create the main star in this new coffee.

MCT Oil is used by the Medical community worldwide to combat dietary malabsorption, increase lean muscle mass, cognitive ability in Alzheimer’s patients and fight Celiac disease.

Ramon seeds have been used in South America as a food staple since the Mayan times. Having the same shape and feel as a “nut” these seeds have none of the allergens commonly associated with corn, pecans or walnuts and have been roasted and ground for centuries as the base for hot drinks, soups, breads and as flour alternatives for people that are highly allergy sensitive. MontaVida uses this wonder seed to virtually negate any harmful side effects that coffee can have. Many people don’t drink coffee because of the jittery side effect that over consumption of caffeine can have. Because of the high levels of tryptophan in these seeds – that side effect is basically eliminated (unless the consumer is actually caffeine allergic).

MontaVida is available through That’s Coffee in convenient 12 ounce vacuum sealed bags or in keeping with the new single cup coffee makers, like Keurig, in 30 pack K-Cup boxes.

Looking to save money and special deals on MontaVida coffee products? Subscribe to the risk free MontaVida Autoship Option, delivered once a month to your home and ensuring that you never run out.

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