Honduras Coffee Beans

Historically Honduras is not known as a top ranking gourmet coffee producing country.

Its neighboring countries in Central America such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua have all outperformed Honduras in terms of both coffee production techniques and international branding. This is why we typically don’t hear about or think of Honduras coffee as high quality, gourmet beans.

However, many coffee experts sense this changing. Honduras has a perfect combination of environmental factors that contribute to gourmet coffee such as soHonduras Coffee Beans 1il, altitude and climate. As the country develops infrastructure, better processing and transportation practices and continues to brand itself with a distinct name such as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee producers have, Honduras could become a household name for gourmet coffee.

Characteristics of Honduran Coffee

You may be wondering what makes Honduran coffee beans so great and comparable to Costa Rican or Guatemalan beans. Honduran coffee is a rich Arabica bean that is typically wet processed. It is often used a good base for blending with other coffees but it is also sold as a single-origin coffee. When lightly roasted it features a delicate smooth texture with a slightly sweet taste. The various flavor profiles include fruity (tamarind fruit and lemon zest), nutty (almond and coconut) and chocolatey undertones. Grown at altitude ranges from central standard to high grown to strictly high grown, these dense Honduran beans are packed with flavor and present a light delicate finish.

Gourmet Coffee Beans for Less

As previously mentioned, neighboring Central American countries have aggressively promoted their coffees on the international market. This is why many believe that Costa Rican and Guatemalan coffee brands are superior in quality. Honduras has had some setbacks in marketing its coffee and as a result have not created a strong name in the marketplace.

By no means does this mean that their single-estate coffee beans are not as good in terms of quality or flavor than Costa Rican or Guatemalan coffee beans. It does mean that coffee lovers can obtain high quality beans similar to highly priced Costa Rican coffee beans at a much lower cost. Several online coffee stores sell single source Honduras coffee beans right beside their Costa Rican and Guatemalan brands – for less! As infrastructure improves and Hondurans brand their coffees it is predicted to take a front seat and give Costa Rican coffees a run for their money.

Honduras Coffee Beans – The Best Light Roast Available

Most of our customer feedback for the Honduras Silver Hills coffee beans is that is their new standard to judge other light roasts by. Coffee lovers who like their coffee on the weaker side or as a lighter roast are extremely pleased with this bean. Some have even switched from other gourmet coffees such as the Peaberry and Jamaican Blue Mountain to the Honduras bean!

If you prefer light roast coffees and are looking for a rich, flavorful bean that is not too strong but still satisfies your tastes, then we recommend trying our Honduras ‘Silver Hills’ coffee beans.

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